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What is Hair Transplant Surgery?

Hair transplant is a technique where follicles from the donor area are transplanted in the bald area. This surgery is carried out to treat male and female baldness problem. However, it has been found in a recent report that men are opting for transplant surgery more in comparison to women.

Also, transplant surgery is being carried out to improve the hair-line in scalp, eye brows, eyelashes, beard, moustache etc. There are so many methods to transplant but it is the Strip technique which is usually used by qualified plastic surgeons.

Local anaesthesia is used during the operative procedure to make the patients comfortable during the surgery. Remember, it is very important for the surgeon to work in a neat and clean operating field. Hair bearing strip must only be harvested from back of the scalp. Tricophytic closure technique is mainly used at the donor area. Dissection is usually done to make follicular units. And these units are implanted in the bald area.

Every surgeon must make use of sterilization methods. It actually helps to prevent post operative infections. During the surgery, it’s very important to have skilled and qualified doctors in the team to complete it successfully. Though there is no specific duration but it should not take more than 6-9 hours. Most of the clinics usually discharge the patient the very same day. It is an OPD procedure and doesn’t involve much risk.

Have a look at the four steps of the Surgery process:-

The First Step: Donor Area Prep And Donor Hair Removal

The hair in the back of the scalp (including the sides) is always permanent. So, during the transplantation process, it’s the hair from the donor area which is transplanted in the bald area using magnification.

Strip Harvesting:

It can be described as a method of harvesting where a highly trained and experienced plastic surgeon removes a specific strip of tissue.

Follicular Unit Extraction:

When it comes to follicular unit extraction, experts harvest the graft individually in this process. During this process, a manual SAFE system is used to harvest the follicular units from the donor area.

The Second Step: Follicular Unit Dissection

In the FUT strip procedure, a qualified surgeon place the donor strip under magnification Ziering scope specifically designed for hair restoration surgery. Then, the surgeon dissects the donor strip into indiviual follicular units.

The Third Step: Creation Of The Recipient Sites

It is one of the most vital steps where the surgeon creates recipient sites in the right angle and direction. Remember, it’s specifically designed for the patients and so always varies.

The Fourth Step: Hair Grafts Are Placed

In the last step, hair grafts are properly transplanted in the bald area by a qualified surgeon who places the grafts carefully in the recipient sites.

Some Important Factors

hair Hair Ttransplant Surgery

:- Age is certainly not an issue. Hair transplantation can be done at any age.

:- It’s the donor area that determines the results. Better the donor area, better would be the results.

:- Tricophytic closure technique used at the donor area.

:- Dissection to make follicular units (bench surgery).

:- Implantation of the plugs in the bald area.

:- Sterilization methods adapted by the surgeon. (very important as these prevent post operative infections ).

:- Presence of number of qualified doctors in the team (bigger team reduces the duration of surgery).

:- Surgery should be completed in 5-7 hours.

:- As it is a OPD procedure the patient goes back the same day.

:- Age is not a bar for hair transplantation as it can be done even at the age of 70.

:- A good donor area is a pre-requisite for good results. Results take around 4-6 months and the patient is on minoxidil 5% lotion & finesteride 1 mg tablets after the transplant (but these two medicines should be stopped before surgery.

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